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Make Up Wars

2018 Halloween Show Make Up War Challenge 
- The official NHC Make-up Presentation Contest

Halloween Show Makeup War Challenge for 2018.  This is a contest to promote and encourage creativity, ingenuity, and artistry, using the most favorite of traditional Halloween Skills, MAKEUP. I hope to reward those that can think on their feet, and have a wide range of skills.  Here is how this will work:

You may create or utilize any style of makeup that you wish, but overall there will be THREE categories of winners
* The Most Horrifying or Scariest Makeup Presentation
* The Most Creative Makeup Presentation
* The Most Original Makeup Presentation

Saturday, May 19th, 2018

2:45 All contestants meet and get ready in the Makeup War Area on the Halloween Show Floor at the Showboat.
3:00 Everyone gets into their groups and gets ready to begin the event

3:15 Everyone prepares all their makeup, prosthetic pieces or accessories, airbrushing or whatever is to be used.
3:30 Derrick of Superhero’s Unlimited will intro the event, and then announce when it is ready to begin. You will have exactly 1 hour for your competition piece

Timer for 1 full hour begins when everyone is ready

4:30+ Timer ends
5:00 The competition ends as Winners are judged and awards are handed out.

The General Rules to be followed:
- The competition is open to everyone. Amateur and professional alike.
- Teams are limited to two (2) people plus the model (3 people total max per team).  If you want to enter alone, with just a model, that is perfectly fine.
- Each Team is encouraged to pre-register in advance under a "team name".
- You cannot use full size prosthetic masks (that basically eliminated the entire point of a makeup competition).  Prosthetic accessories such as a nose, a wound, a nail, etc are acceptable.  Nothing larger than 1/3rd of the entire face area.
- We are looking for a total of 12 teams max.   You CAN register at the convention IF spaces are still available.
- EVERYONE must check in with Derrick at the Superhero’s Unlimited Area by 2pm Saturday so we know you are there and still competing.
- Models must be a living person. No mannequin or prop heads allowed. No other living creatures allowed. (i.e. No real parrot to complete a pirate costume for example).  
- Models will arrive without any makeup above the collarbone. 
- Makeup may be applied by any member of the team who are allowed into the contest area during the competition. ALL members of the team must be registered prior to the event under the team name. 
- Each team should bring a full and complete makeup kit with them. Appliances are allowed, store bought or custom made, however, remember, the TOTAL amount of space that appliances take up cannot exceed 1/3rd of the total head area.  The reason for this is that this is a contest of skills, and not how much money you can spend to be pre prepared. Please DO bring traditional 3-D materials such as nose putty, latex, derma wax, cotton, collodian etc..All the things a well stocked haunt kit should contain. Never know what you’ll end up needing.
- The makeup, will be judged at the end of the permitted time, finished or not.   A finished product is more weight than an unfinished one, but an unfinished one can certainly still win a category.
- The contestants will be judged by a small panel of professionals
- The decisions of the Contest Judges are and will be final. In case of a ·TIE· the show owner will make the final decision to break the tie.

Contestants may be disqualified for:

A. Not adhering to classification guidelines.

B. Not adhering to all of the Makeup Competition Rules, Conditions, Terms and Regulations.

C. Being socially disruptive.

NOTE: If something goes wrong and you have a problem during the competition, notify one of the Judges or the Competition Officials and they will assist you where they can.

For more information and to register your team, Please email: MakeUpWars@HalloweenShow.com

Name of your team:

Member Names of Your Team (up to 4 total):

Team Leaders Name:

Team Leaders Phone:

Team Leaders Email:



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Previous Winners at the National Halloween Show:
Previous Event was a category event:
Best in Show: Anatomy fx
Best in Class studio/school: Jennifer Burns and Coven Delacruz
Best in Class pro haunt: Wendy, Britt, Caitlin Dick, Dawn McKechnie

The National Halloween Show Makeup Wars is sponsored by Pumpkin Pail!
A Collection by HorrorDecor.com

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