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Media Opportunities at the National Halloween Convention
Halloween in May? Halfway to Halloween!

You bet. Halloween in all its varied forms and sub genre's is second only to Christmas in the American imagination, and pocketbook. So much goes into the 2-month season, that for many people it is a year round activity. For the Halloween hobbyist or amateur Haunter, this still means months of preparation on evenings and weekends devoted to making sure their latest projects are special. So early spring is when it all starts happening.

The NHC brings together professional haunters, Amateur home haunters, Halloween decorators, antique collectors, Horror film fans, and history buffs all under the one umbrella of the holiday.

While everyone knows about different conventions for different hobbies, no other convention offers this unique combination sure to appeal to a huge audience.

Convention activities will include a dealer's room, masquerade ball, competitions, and trips to some of the best haunted attractions in the country. But what makes this event stand out for the public is the education section. Lecturers from around the country will be Professors for the weekend, so attendees can learn everything they need to get the most out of Halloween.

Classes in costumes, makeup, special effects, prop building, scenic design, and even scareology, will be taught by a staff that totals up hundreds of years of experience in their fields. These Halloween professors have experience in TV, Film, Stage, Music Videos, Ren Faires, Historical Re-enactments, and of course Haunted Houses and Attractions.

Both the Professors as well as many of the staff would be happy to speak to you for stories before, during, and after the event.

We have media liaisons prepared to walk you thru the convention, and get you face to face with the people that make this industry and hobby go.

Please contact me to schedule times for you, or to let me know if there's anything else you might be interested in doing.

John Denley "Professor Nightmare",
Director of Press Relations & Media

Phone contact: 508-769-4299


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