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This year the National Haunters Convention has the greatest Haunt Tour to date!We will be touring no less than 50,000 SQUARE FOOT OF HAUNT !!!!
Eight Haunted Attractions! Eight Behind the scenes tours!

Friday Night, May 6th, 2011

5:00 PM Depart Valley Forge Convention Center

5:30 PM Arrive at Scare Brothers,
A Former Member of Pennsylvania's premier 13 Haunts!

5:31 PM Dinner of...(TBA)

6:00 PM Go through Haunted Nightmare as a guest

Home of the one and only 7 foot 8 inches tall Chainsaw, who presides over the most famous movie killers of all time! Go inside the movies as you move through our highly realistic movie quality sets.

6:30 PM Go through House of 1000 Zombies as a guest
From the mists of infinity they rise to walk the earth. They come out of the darkness to take your soul and eat your flesh and make you one of the living dead. A heart pounding journey through a haunted graveyard and house crawling with zombies. Featuring Claustrophobia – the only room in any haunted house where you will actually fear for your life!

7:00 PM Go through Dungeon of Darkness as a guest
The shadows move. The winds howl. Darkness covers the moon. Danger is in the air as you enter The Dungeon of Darkness. Pitch black is now all around you. The terror will rise to your throat as you navigate the darkness, all of the time realizing you are not alone.

7:30 PM Go through Circus of Fear as a guest
Meet some of the scariest clowns around inside our demented circus tent. Truly a carnival of terror.

8:00 PM Lights on and sound off for guided behind the scenes tours of all four events !

9:00 PM Depart Scare Brothers

9:15 PM Arrive at Fright Factory,
Another of Pennsylvania's premier 13 Haunts!
Rest and quick refreshments.

9:30 PM iChem Industries as a guest
Sometimes trying to make the world a better place can have evil consequences. In iChem's subterranean laboratories,scientists claiming to be detoxifying the planet are actually using those toxins for genetic modification experiments. (GO GREEN)

10:00 PM Philadelphia Haunted Asylum Tours as a guest
This is your chance to explore the sinister past of one of Philadelphia's most infamous asylums. This Guided tour will take you deep into the belly of the asylum where Dr. Robert T. Brash, the hospital's chief of psychiatry, experimented and tortured his patients. That is, until the day when the patients took over the asylum killing the entire staff and eventually turning on each other. Hey, if you're lucky you may just have your own paranormal experience.

10:30 PM Undercroft Cemetery as a guest
Walking through the woods late one night you come across an old cemetery with a strange stone mausoleum on the outskirts. Do you dare go in? Are you brave enough? "What was that ?" Well, we'll find out when you discover yourself at the door steps of the Undercroft Cemetery.

11:00 PM AMYGDALA: [uh-mig-duh-luh] as a guest
Noun Almond-shaped part, such as a tonsil or a lobe of the cerebellum. Involved in emotions of fear and aggression. ...there's nothing to fear, it's all in your mind...

11:30 PM Lights on and sound off for guided behind the scenes tours of all four events !

1 AM Depart Fright Factory and Return to the Valley Forge Convention Center.

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