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National Haunters Convention & Halloween Show Haunt Tour 2012 sponsored by D.A.F.E.
Located at the incredible:
Knoebel’s Amusement Park - www.Knoebels.com

The 2012 Haunt Tour is going to be an amazing blast! For our National Haunters Convention & Halloween Show guests along with our DAFE friends we are going to have an Amusement Park opened up just for our Haunt Tour!!!

That’s right, an exclusive Haunt Tour with multiple attractions in an Amusement Park opened just for us! Complete with dinner / concessions right inside the park. Never before seen footage of two completed Haunted House Dark Rides.

Haunted Coal Mine Haunted House Dark Ride - The Black Diamond
Classic Victorian Haunted House Dark Ride - Haunted Mansion

Numerous rides of each coupled with lights on behind the scene footage and secrets!

Don’t Miss you chance at this amazing tour.

May 3rd, 2012 - Thursday:

Only $135 !!!

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